[mythtv-users] Re: Just about there with Actisys IR200 and DigitalCable

Cory Drinkwater cdrinkwa at bctree.com
Fri Sep 10 11:28:02 EDT 2004

> cory,
> have you restarted myth-backend?
> myth only reads the channel change script entry when the backend is
> subsequent modifications are not taken note of until the backend is
> restarted.
> see the end of my IR Blaster HOWTO, specifically in stage 5, where it says
> or the mirror
> jds-myth

JDS, Shawn, et all...

Just an update for the legions.... I ended up "unwrapping" the Perl script
from the shell script and called it directly instead, restarted Mythbackend
again and low and behold.... happy days.... I don't know if it was the
prettiest thing to do, but I will play more when I get some more time.
Thanks a bunch to all for the great guides, hints, tricks, smoke,
mirrors.... you get the picture :).

Now for my next trick... Are there recommendations for setting up my PVR-350
to use both the composite inputs (or s-video) for the digital cable feed and
the onboard tuner... Or is this even possible? I would like to run the
"digital" channels through the composite input, and the "regular" channels
through the onboard tuner as I am right now. Thoughts? Or have I got the big
crack pipe going? :) Thanks a bunch!



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