Fw: [mythtv-users] More FC2 MythTV problems...

1canuck2 1canuck2 at sympatico.ca
Wed Sep 8 00:04:23 EDT 2004


You solved the problem! Your shots in the dark are good...

For some reason, on the Screen Settings screen, everything was set to 0 AND 
the "Use GUI Size" checkbox was set to on. "Run the frontend in a window" 
was also set to on.
I have now unchecked them both.

On the VideoMode settings screen "Seperate modes for GUI and TV Playback" 
was also checked on and all the values were 0. This is now also unchecked

Grrr, something so stupid as that (although, the big fix to my problem was 
still the IRQ issue).

So, what are the default settings for each of these screens? Can I set these 
back to default with a simple setting? If not, can someone let me know what 
their defaults and/or prefered settings are for these two screens.

My MythTV box is now functional! Yay.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and help. The last problem makes me 
feel exceptionally stupid...


>In the frontend, double-check that you don't have some odd-ball values
>accidentally entered in setup->appearance->screen settings. Perhaps the 
>is being scaled/displayed like that because that's how your settings are.
>Just a shot in the dark, I have no clue what else it might be...

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