[mythtv-users] jumping to a tuner on a different backend

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Sep 7 17:04:55 EDT 2004

Jason Donahue wrote:
> I recently rebuilt my whole myth setup to better accomadate my needs. In
> my new setup I have 3 tv cards, in 3 separate systems. 2 of the cards are
> setup for both cable and directv. the third one only does cable (i only
> have 2 sat. receivers :)
> Anyway, when I am on the box that only has cable, when I go into live TV,
> it selects the local tuner, and I get no DirecTV channels. I hit the
> keyboard key fro "switch Tuners", and it doesn't work. It seems as though

The string "[Ss]witch [Tt]uners" doesn't appear anywhere in the
myth source code or docs. "C" changes to another active input
(if any) on the same card. "Y" does switch to the next unused
card (if any). From keys.txt:

- C to change inputs on TV Tuner card
- Y Switch Capture Cards

> because there is only one localally configured tuner it fails. But the
> screwy part is, if the local tuner is in use, recording for example, then

Not screwy, by design. It tries to use a local tuner if available.
Otherwise, it uses the first (lowest numbered) card available.
If none, it shows a message that there are no cards available
for live TV.

> the box grabs a tuner from another system just fine. i can also do PiP and
> grab another tuner.

That's correct too.

> I tried changing priorities on the tuners so the one with just cable would
> not be used for LiveTV, but no setting seemd to do it.

The input preference affect the scheduler decisions and not the
live TV card selection.

> Anyone got any suggestions on how to dictate that one tuner as a "only
> used to record Cable" tuner ?

Try checking "Avoid conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows"
in TV Settings->General. This will always choose the last (highest
numbered) card available. The last card should always be available
unless there are recordings scheduled for every card.

In the long term, you'll probably find that as you schedule more
and more of the shows that you like, you'll spend more time watching
recorded shows and less time channel surfing. Many people get to
the point that they only use the ringbuffer to test audio and video.

--  bjm

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