[mythtv-users] jumping to a tuner on a different backend

Jason Donahue mythtv at timekiller.org
Tue Sep 7 08:42:51 EDT 2004

I recently rebuilt my whole myth setup to better accomadate my needs. In
my new setup I have 3 tv cards, in 3 separate systems. 2 of the cards are
setup for both cable and directv. the third one only does cable (i only
have 2 sat. receivers :)

Anyway, when I am on the box that only has cable, when I go into live TV,
it selects the local tuner, and I get no DirecTV channels. I hit the
keyboard key fro "switch Tuners", and it doesn't work. It seems as though
because there is only one localally configured tuner it fails. But the
screwy part is, if the local tuner is in use, recording for example, then
the box grabs a tuner from another system just fine. i can also do PiP and
grab another tuner.

I tried changing priorities on the tuners so the one with just cable would
not be used for LiveTV, but no setting seemd to do it.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to dictate that one tuner as a "only
used to record Cable" tuner ?

BTW, here is what my current setup looks like >:) -

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