[mythtv-users] no keyboard within externel applications

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 6 11:15:24 EDT 2004

On 09/06/2004 10:53 AM, Sebastian Heuer wrote:

> ok, this is what I did:
> - configured X to start fluxbox as the default windowmanager (placed 
> fluxbox in ~/.xinitrc)
> - configured fluxbox to load mythfrontend at startup (this is done via 
> the session.RootCommand option in ~/.fluxbox/init)

Generally, RootCommand is used to set the background.  I.e.  mine is
  xsetroot -solid '#000000'
To give me a clean black background in case part shows through (much 
better than the grey checkerboard pattern X uses by default).

Instead, you can start mythfrontend using .xinitrc.  I do so with the line:
  mythfrontend > /home/mythtv/logs/mythfrontend.log 2>&1
as the last line in the file, so X exits when mythfrontend exits.  If 
you prefer to keep X running after shutting down mythfrontend, use the 
  fluxbox & wmpid=$!
above the mythfrontend command and
  wait $wmpid
as the last line of .xinitrc.

> basically that did the trick, I can now control mplayer via 
> keyboard... but both xmame and snes9x still don't work correctly. they 
> seem to start, but don't receive focus, so they're somewhere 'behind' 
> mythtv. I can stop them via the esc key and continue using mythtv 
> though...
> any additional clues? :) 

What are the settings for focus policy?  In ~/.fluxbox/init

session.screen0.focusModel:     SemiSloppyFocus
session.screen0.focusLastWindow:        TRUE
session.screen0.focusNewWindows:        TRUE

And autoraise?

session.screen0.autoRaise:      TRUE
session.autoRaiseDelay: 250

Do you have any settings in ~/.fluxbox/apps (i.e. specifying that 
mythfrontend be on the layer "Above Dock" or that xmame and snes9x be on 
a lower layer than the default)?  Do the games have any preferences that 
allow you to request a specific layer?


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