[mythtv-users] More FC2 MythTV problems...

Michelle Moss michelle.moss at iinet.net.au
Sun Sep 5 03:28:25 EDT 2004

1canuck2 wrote:
> Could there be some config thing I am missing in the MPEG2 to MPEG4 
> conversion. I still can't get this thing going. I was able to add an 
> MPEG recorded to file with the redirect of "cat /dev/video0" to 
> MythVideo and watch it through that, but the live TV still doesn't work.

Your live TV problem definitely won't be to do with any mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 
conversion - the PVR-250 captures in mpeg-2 and mythtv should play that 

Are you sure that all your channels are setup properly? Do you have 
freqid's filled in? I guess you are in canada - I'm not sure if you use 
xmltv or the other american grabber for your listings, but I know in the 
case of xmltv not all grabbers automatically get the frequency id's for 
you. If you have mythweb you can easily check by going to the 
Settings->Channels page and making sure that the freqid column is filled it.

No idea if this is your problem, but it seems that you have ivtv working 
  OK if you can capture so you must be missing something else.


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