[mythtv-users] lirc and mythtv

Domazlicky, Eric edomazlicky at semo.edu
Thu Sep 2 12:14:50 EDT 2004

I have no idea why it's turned off by default either- but it was in the
gentoo package. Since I don't use apt-get I can't really answer your
question other than I recommened just downloading the source package- the
settings.protocol file is not the settings.pro I was referring to (it should
be in the source). It's really quite easy to compile, just follow the
instructions in the README and you should be fine- just remember to change
the settings.pro file to enable the lirc support.

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> Ok I am not going to ask why it is turned off by default (who 
> wants to use a keyboard on the couch ??). I did a slocate for 
> the "settings.pro"
> file with the result of a "settings.protocol" file in the 
> "/usr/share/services" directory which is (I guess) not the 
> one you are refering to...
> When I "apt-get" something does it download the whole source 
> code? I thought it only downloads the appropriate rpm's. If 
> that is so, where do I find that file or is there a 
> diffenrent approach?
> Thanks for your comment.
> --Verteiler

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