[mythtv-users] Fedora Core 2 Apt Repo and AtRPMs

huffman at graze.net huffman at graze.net
Thu Sep 2 12:40:54 EDT 2004

Discussion about mythtv <mythtv-users at mythtv.org> wrote: 
> Verteiler wrote:
> > Ok (that is what I meant by fiddeling around). The 2.6 kernel does 
> > things slightly different, so you will have to rewrite a few lines of 
> > code. Just follow these instructions:
> > 
> > http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/Aug-2004/msg00352.html
> > 
> > Worked like a charm for me.
> Ah.  Going to have to build that from source.  Not ideal, but I'm not 
> completely opposed to that if that's what it takes.  Thanks for the 
> pointer.  I still need to read all your posts on the mailing list.  I 
> just got the replacement drive in (long story) and am finally getting 
> time to work on it...

Well, I have one more alternative for you.  I wanted to stay as vanilla as
possible and I also wanted RPMs....so I downloaded the
kernel-2.6.8-1.521.src.rpm source rpm from download.fedora.redhat.com (or your
favorite mirror), installed it... and then edited the kernel-2.6.spec and
removed these lines:

line 278: Patch10000: linux-2.6.0-compile.patch

and line 602: %patch10000 -p1

then do an rpmbuild -ba on the spec file and it will build you a new (almost
vanilla) FC2 kernel.  That patch among other things removes the lines that
export the symbols sys_open, sys_close, etc...

Based on your previous emails, I would imagine you might like this approach

I would imagine that if you were really particular about staying vanilla, you
could also edit that patch....but I didn't bother.

If you need any more help with this, let me know.


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