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John D. Salch jsalch at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 01:37:30 UTC 2004

I just hit reply.  And if you have had a bad day, keep it to yourself, don't 
take it out on me.  I was trying to help...
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> john,
> did you pause and consider that set top boxes employed by other mythtv
> users may in fact not have a serial port?  it appears not.
> to quote directly from my writeup:
> "While most DirecTV receivers have rear panel RS232 ports which make
> interfacing to MythTV trivial, the majority of DISH receivers and cable
> boxes either lack a documented hardwired control port or the control port
> has been administratively disabled.  For these cases, a simple IR LED
> transmitter driven by LIRC can be used to emulate the remote and change
> channels prior to recording.  This HOWTO describes the implementation of
> this technique, and has specifics for interfacing with DISH receivers.  As
> will be noted, it is very straightforward to use this implementation to
> control alternate (i.e., non-DISH) IR-enabled devices."
> summary: with $5 in discrete parts and fifteen minutes of configuration
> your mythtv box can control most any IR-enabled set top box.
> ps
> thank you for including my unaltered email address in your reply.
> i've returned the favor so the spambots have equal opportunity.
> jds
>> From: "John D. Salch" <jsalch at yahoo.com>
>> I think the direct serial cable works better and is easier to set up.
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>>> rob,
>>> see my IR BLASTER HOWTO at
>>> http://losdos.dyndns.org:8080/public/mythtv-info/MythTV_DISH_IR_LED_TX_via_Modified_LIRC.html
>>> or the mirror at
>>> http://mirror.mmdsi.com/losdos.dyndns.org/public/mythtv-info/MythTV_DISH_IR_LED_TX_via_Modified_LIRC.html
>>> although written for DISH set top boxes, as you will see you can
>>> use the exact same configuration for ANY IR-enabled set top box by
>>> changing a single file.  details inside.
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