[mythtv-users] Cannot switch to DVB channel unless (all) othercards are busy

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Wed Oct 27 00:18:41 UTC 2004

you need to press the 'Y' key to change between cards while watching live tv. 

it took me a week to work that one out  :( 


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Roger James wrote:
> I have a setup with two capture cards. One analogue(PVR-350) and one 
> digital(Nova-T).
> All appears tobe working OK at the hardware level.
> I have 5 channels in my channel list 1-4 are analogue terrestrial 5 is 
> digital terrestrial.
> If the analogue card is idle then selecting live tv switches to the 
> default analogue channel. I if then try to select the digital channel 
> (5) either by number key or by up down, then the display freezes as per 
> usual channel change but then reverts back to the analogue channel.
> However if the analogue card is busy recording a show then selecting 
> live tv results in the default (and only) digital channel being shown. 
> Help!!!!

I have the same situation. I have two DVB cards and one analog. If I set
mythtv up with the two DVBs then I can use both well. If I set up only the
analog card then all is well as well.

If I set up both then I can tune to only digital or only analog (I think
it depends on the definition order).

BTW, To avoid repeating the setup, I take a mysql dump at some point,
then restore it before finishing the setup. I think this should be valid.

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