[mythtv-users] pcHDTV with PVR-350 for output

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 25 15:30:08 UTC 2004

> First off, the 350's decoder is set up for NTSC or PAL sized mpeg2 frames,
> not
> ATSC sized frames. I don't think the hardware is physically capable of
> handling something that big. Second, why on earth would you want to output
> HDTV content through an SVideo connection that is 720x480, interlaced? You'd
> effectively be down-sampling the ATSC signal back down to NTSC, so why even
> bother? For HDTV, you really need to be outputting to your TV via VGA, DVI or
> component for it to be worthwhile. This has all been discussed before, please
> search the archives if you want more insight.

This is partially true.. I can take recordings from my PCHDTV card that are 480i
convert them to PS and they play fine.. It seems that the PVR350 will not handle
the stripped TS that hdtvrecorer currently makes.  You of course still have the
seperate issue if the hd program uses ac3, but the video plays just fine..  You
are correct on the 720p and 1080i standards with the PVR350..  I can play back
dvb recordings no problem with the pvr350 which are no different in PS format
than ATSC is in PS format..

I actually wanted to setup my PCHdtv to only recorde the 480i content (Most HD
programming I can get is 480i) just because I could get the programming I
wanted over a digital medium and not have to pay the cable company or use an
antenna and get a grainy picture..

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