[mythtv-users] Benefits of a second card

Asciimonster asciimonster at myrealbox.com
Mon Oct 25 10:40:34 UTC 2004

Paul Wheeler wrote:

>These are the
>current features that i believe will be available please feel free to
>correct and add to this:
>1) PiP
>2) recording and watching different shows simultaneously
>3) Playback of different shows on two different frontends ??
Yep that should all be passible. I've never tried the 3rd option, but 
I've seen enough post of pleople who got that to work.

>How clever is mythtv when it comes to multiple cards and
>viewing/recording does it treat them in the expected way, i.e. if one
>is busy it uses the other one when a call for the feed is given?
When starting liveTV myth always takes the one that's free, so that's 
good. But since when scheduling the cards are preselected, the lower 
numbered cards are chosen first. By default, liveTV chooses the lowest 
first. This makes that liveTV is forced to be interruped, even though 
one tuner is free. There is an option in the settings somewhere to make 
liveTV choose the highest card; this is sufficient in 90% of the cases.
For the rest: no troubles.

>Are there any other benefits than those i have listed?
Never missing a show in your life! Well that's a bit harshly stated, but 
in the Neterlands with 9 (or 12 if you also count the local and 
belgium(flanders) stations) dutch channels it happens about once every 
month I want to record three things at once.

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