[mythtv-users] Benefits of a second card

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Mon Oct 25 11:37:53 UTC 2004

Paul Wheeler wrote:
> I am thinking of getting a second (identical) dvb card for my mythbox.
> I was wondering what exactly is and isnt possible. These are the
> current features that i believe will be available please feel free to
> correct and add to this:
> 1) PiP
> 2) recording and watching different shows simultaneously
> 3) Playback of different shows on two different frontends ??

I am not aware that you need more than one card to watch multiple recordings.

> How clever is mythtv when it comes to multiple cards and
> viewing/recording does it treat them in the expected way, i.e. if one
> is busy it uses the other one when a call for the feed is given?

Yes. I do not know yet how to tell it that it should use ABC on dvb0
or dvb1 (digital source) and pick v4l (analog source) if both are busy.
It seems to me that different sources are treated as distinct.

> Are there any other benefits than those i have listed?

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