[mythtv-users] RE: Getting VIA graphics to work, or buy a PVR-350?

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Thu Oct 21 05:04:26 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 19:53, Travis Kelley wrote:
> Just a quick interjection guys.  The m10000 is most likely never going
> to be totally stable as long as we/via have the dma problem.  Using a
> pvr card causes huge amounts of dma across the bus and this tends to
> lock via systems. Reference this thread
> http://forums.viaarena.com/messageview.cfm?catid=28&threadid=60131&enterthr

Historically, the VIA DMA problems haven't affected EPIA systems like they 
have KT133 through KT400 systems. Not sure if that has changed recently. My 
M10000 has absolutely zero problems handling a PVR-350, as do many other 
people's M10k systems.

> All that said...I have had pretty good success with my m10000,
> especially with some of the later versions of ivtv and unichrome.  I
> have 0 experience with the via under FC2.  What I use are the kernel
> patches from http://www.epiawiki.org/wiki/tiki-index.php and the latest
> unichrome X from
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=102048&package_id=111
>599.  I know these will be more of a pain to build in FC2 than they are in
> gentoo, but it can work:)

I plan to work on just that one of these days.

> BTW I think some of the later mythcvs builds had 
> better support for the cle266 and unichrome.  You might also try that at
> some point.

The unichrome-specific stuff is only in CVS, from what I understand.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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