[mythtv-users] RE: Getting VIA graphics to work, or buy a PVR-350?

Micah Wedemeyer fanmail at micah-wedemeyer.net
Wed Oct 20 16:03:05 UTC 2004


I know your pain!  I am trying to get an EPIA MII 10k to work well with
MythTV.  Luckily, I have been able to get it close, and it at least works well
enough that I can use it (ie. no skipping, crashes only every 1-2 days).

Currently, I am running FC2 from Jarod's guide.  I don't have any kernel
patches, and all the related software was installed using apt-get.  Therefore,
as you've probably guessed, I don't have the unichrome drivers working.

I told you in an earlier post that I was able to get things working by loading
a via driver that was there by default.  You mentioned that it didn't work for
you.  If you want, I can try to send you the via_drv.o file that I have.  It's
a long shot, but maybe if you copy it to the right place, then you will be
able to load it.  Besides, from your earlier posts, it sounds like you and I
have very similar configurations, so the file might work.

What do other people think?  Is this a bad idea?

Christoffer, if you want me to send you the file, send me an e-mail at:
fanmail at micah-wedemeyer.net When I get the chance (probably not until Thursday
night) I will reply with the via_drv.o file attached along with some
instructions on where to put it.

Note! I am definitely NOT an expert at Linux, so there is a good chance that
this will make things worse, not better!

Anyways, if you are totally frustrated, I would suggest selling your PVR-250
and buying a 350.  I wish I had...


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