[mythtv-users] Question before I buy a PVR350 or 250

Chris Curtis ender at speakeasy.net
Wed Oct 20 22:45:57 UTC 2004

On Oct 20, 2004, at 3:59 PM, Lane Schwartz wrote:
> - If you want to cut commercials, mark the commercials from within the
> MythTV frontend. Then run nuvexport and select the MPEG2->MPEG2
> option. The nuvexport step takes about 3-5 minutes for a half hour
> show on my 1 GHz Athlon.

Ok, that's a good data point to confirm that something is really broken 
for me. I just aborted after 1h 20 min for a 1 hour show on my 900MHz 

It gets to the point of "Cutting out commercials with avidemux2" and 
then ... nothing. No errors, no status messages, zip. If i check ps I 
can see mpeg2cut, Xvfb, and xvidemux2 running, with avidemux2 having a 
lot of CPU time. If i check top it shows avidemux2 at 98% CPU and 15m 
of memory, but will run like that pretty much forever unless I kill it.

Anyone seen these symptoms before? Or have any ideas?

I'm running FC2/PVR-350/Ath900, fwiw.


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