[mythtv-users] DVD how-to for non PVR cards

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Wed Oct 20 12:12:17 UTC 2004

 	At one point in the past, I looked into using DVDStyler.  I don't 
recall exactly why I had issues with it (version 0.98 IIRC), but it didn't 
quite work out.  I did, however, try qdvdauthor and succeeded in burning a 
playable DVD-RW on a settop box with menus, etc.


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On Tue, 19 Oct 2004, listman wrote:

> For those of you who have been looking for an easy was to create dvd on
> there linux box have a look at DVDStyler. I just loaded it an hour ago
> and have already burned a functioning dvd (NTSC) The first round I
> created a playable dvd with no menus. The menu I created was non ntsc so
> my dvd wouldn't diplay it but the video played fine. You have to click
> on the background and select the correct layout ntsc or pal, there is
> also an area in the settings menu to select ntsc or pal (I thought if I
> set that all would be fine, guess I was wrong) Any how heres the step I
> used to create a dvd using a TV Wonder VE capture card.
> You should know how to capture already so
> nuvexport the file you want on dvd  using the dvd option of course
> then run dvdstyler (directions and dependencies are simple)
> its that easy, I have not burned the dvd using dvdstyler yet but will be
> happy to report if it works when I try it. I created the dvd with k3b
> without any problems from the iso dvdstyler created.
> BTW I'm running FC2 and was able to get all the dependencies except
> netpbm-progs with apt-get (I think a few cam from DAG)

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