[mythtv-users] Capture card compatible with 64-bit PCI slots?

Rob Rosenfeld mythtv.org at rosenfeld.to
Tue Oct 19 21:40:04 UTC 2004

I'm setting up a MythTV box trying to reuse existing parts.  I have a 
rather new mobo, where there's only one 32 bit PCI slot and my AGP video 
card covers it.  Short of getting a new video card or mobo, I need a 
capture card with the extra notch that will fit in a 64-bit PCI-X slot.  
I don't need a 64-bit card,just a card that will fit in the slot.  A 
Hauppauge 250 doesn't have one.
Does anyone know of a capture card with svideo input that will fit in my 
available slots?  On board encoding (ala the 250) is nice to have, but 
not mandatory.



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