[mythtv-users] Still stumped on mythmusic

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Tue Oct 19 21:39:38 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 19 October 2004 05:03 pm, Ryan Steffes wrote:

> table.  However, I've got  | MusicDBSchemaVer | 1002 | NULL     | in
> there.  Why, I don't know.  I guess it's one of the potential hazards
> of using a not-completely clean database when transferring from one
> host to another, but I'm not sure how the other tables got lost.

	They didn't get lost. You copied the setting table over which includes the 
status of the Music DB schema. So the music code kept seeing the most recent 
schema version and never knew it had to create tables.

> Hopefully when I get home tonight it'll magically work after using the
> old metadata.sql scripts.

	That would fall under the category of "Bad Idea". Much cleaner to do this 
(with obvious mysql username/password substitution if yours are not the 

		mysql -p -u mythtv mythconverg 
		delete from settings where value = "MusicDBSchemaVer" ;

	Next time mythmusic is run, it will built the correct tables.

- thor


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