[mythtv-users] Slave vs Master database issues in 0.16

Lonnie Borntreger myth at borntreger.com
Sat Oct 16 07:22:06 UTC 2004

I have set up a new slave (well, I blew away the local DB, and did a
completely fresh install).  On that slave the mysql.txt shows
"DBHostName=" (which is another system).  When I run the setup
program, it connects and stores all of its setting in the DB on the
master backend -  Nothing gets put into the slave's local DB.
It doesn't even create any tables locally.

In the master's DB there are - as expected - host specific settings (in
the settings table) that show everything is set properly, and uniquely,
for the slave (like, MasterServerIP).

Now, here is where things get a little interesting.....

- Can't seem to find MasterServerIP, and defaults to localhost.  This
means that it doesn't see any of the info and settings in the master DB,
which causes problems.

- System Status... The "Listings Status" shows the information from the
master DB.  The "Tuner Status" pops up a warning dialog saying that it
couldn't connect to the master (and outputs that it is connecting to
localhost to stderr), and then proceeds to show the status of the tuner
on the master anyway.  "Log Entries" seems to work perfectly.
- Watch Recordings... Says that it can't connect to the master, and thus
says no recordings exist - but once again it says that the master is
- Program Guide... Says it could not connect to the master (once again
localhost), and then proceeds to show the program information from the
master anyway.  It just doesn't know when anything is set for recording.
- etc. etc.

NOTE: if mythbackend is running on the slave, then I don't get the
"can't connect to the master server" errors in mythfrontend, but it
still has no idea about what is recorded/scheduled since it is looking
into the wrong database.

NOTE 2: manually adding MasterServerIP to the local DB (set to,
of course), makes no difference.  Just for fun, I even set
BackendServerIP to for this slave, both in the local DB and the
master DB... no change.

What is up with this?

BTW, this is a slave without a tuner.  Just designed for watching
recordings.  So, it shouldn't even need anything except for mythfrontend
locally - I would think.

Lonnie Borntreger

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