[mythtv-users] Stereo sound with PVR-250

Mats Cedergren mats.cedergren at 5d.se
Sat Oct 16 06:57:37 UTC 2004

Yes, I'm sure that the channel does not transmit in dual-audio. Here in
Sweden that technic is never used. I have also tried to capture to a file
and play it back on my mac using vlc and the sound is marked as stereo. If I
choose to playback only left or right channel it sound exactly the same,
there is no difference between the audio tracks.


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On 10/15/2004 05:28 PM, Mats Cedergren wrote:

>I'm recordning from the Tuner. I have tried the same card in WindowsXP (the
>same computer, dual boot setup) and there the card works perfectly and I
>stereo sound from all channels that transmit in stereo.
>I have not tried the recordning on another computer yet, will try that
>tomorrow, but I don't think that it will make any difference. When I play
>music or other movies (.avi, .mpg, dvd etc) i get stereo sound.
>When I play a video captured with "cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg" using
>mplayer "mplayer /tmp/test.mpg" it reports that the file have two channel
>sound but I can hear that the sound is not in stereo.
Are you sure the source isn't using dual-audio?  (I.e. two-channel 
audio, but one language on the left channel and one on the right 
channel)  If so, MPlayer sees that the recording includes dual-audio and 
plays back only one channel.  (Note that you can have it play that 
channel to both left/right speakers to "simulate" stereo sound, but 
since the source itself is not broadcasting stereo, you can not get real 
stereo ouput.)

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