[mythtv-users] Question -- Attempting MythTV Build with LFS

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 15 04:12:08 UTC 2004

On 10/12/2004 07:51 PM, Jarod Wilson wrote:

>On Tuesday 12 October 2004 16:30, Jim Gifford wrote:
>>    3 - Has anyone attempted to build this on a LFS system before, if so
>>any pointers?
>Mike Dean runs an LFS system, he may have some pointers for you.
Just getting caught up on my Myth mail...

Jarod's right, it has been done before (I am using LFS).  Yan-Fa Li is 
right, minimal Fedora with ATrpms is much easier.  And, IvanK is right, 
LFS works without problem (assuming you install/configure it correctly).

However, I recommend you use LFS *only* if your main intent is to learn 
how the Myth system (from kernel to OS to apps) is put together.  If, 
instead, your main intent is to get a working, stable Myth box, I would 
recommend using a "standard" distro (like FC/FC2 configured according to 
Jarod's HOWTO or KnoppMyth).  Also, if you're likely to support other 
people's Myth installations (i.e. once your friends see your Myth box, 
you might be asked to "help" them set up a Myth box), using another 
distro will make your life much easier.

Note, also, that learning how to configure everything for LFS requires 
a) a /ton/ of time and b) a suspicion that any problem that exists with 
your LFS Myth box is your own fault due to improper configuration 
(otherwise you're likely to flood the list with questions that can't 
readily be answered because your system is so different from nearly all 
others).  On the bright side, though, if you do work your way through 
installing the system on LFS, you will be in a unique position to be 
able to contribute to the project by answering a lot of questions on the 
list:  since you will have made almost every possible mistake in 
configuring your system, you'll recognize the symptoms other people 
report on the lists.  ;)

Best of luck--whichever approach you take--and enjoy your Myth box.


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