[mythtv-users] Question -- Attempting MythTV Build with LFS

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Wed Oct 13 11:34:53 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-13 at 13:20, Yan-Fa Li wrote:

> So you're saying it's snappy now ?  I must dig my DXR3 up again and give 
> it a try.  Like I said, when I tried this before, it was pretty slow 
> navigating and there was a noticeable second lag between video switching 
> and menus.

I havent tried the dxr3 with freevo, only with vdr. Cant recall if the
vdr menus/video switching etc were snappy or not, perhaps it was a bit
slow but certainly not enough to bother me. In any case, my comments
were more regarding stability, performance and image quality. I played
lots of stuff through it using mplayer (which transcodes to MPEG if
necessary as you know) and always found it to be reliable, with much
better tv-out video quality compared to my gf4mx. In fact, thats why I
got it, high quality tv-out without complicated/flakey twin-view X
setups. Had nothing to do with reducing CPU :)

My new TV has VGA input so that card is retired now. I am not sure if
myth could support dxr3. I know it can output through the PVR350 tv-out,
but isn't still using X right? There is no framebuffer or X driver for
the dxr3, the driver just accepts MPEG 1/2, so menus etc have to be
munged into the MPEG stream I think?? There was actually a framebuffer
project for the dxr3 (because someone discovered you could access the
framebuffer memory directly) but that seems to have died before any code
was released. 

Sorry to hear about the new card, thats the one with MPEG-4 right? Would
be a sweet card if there was a driver for it.


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