[mythtv-users] Deleting a video source

Shawn core at enodev.com
Sat Oct 9 21:04:17 UTC 2004

I've had to take drastic measures to correct some issues with my channel
lineup, and I would like to undo some of it. Let me explain.

Comcast recently introduced the anarchy system in their efforts to
organize their channel lineup which myth did not correct with subsequent
mythfilldatabase runs pulling from the datadirect service. Though
datadirect was correct in that it listed the new channel numbers for the
stations who got relocated, the database continued to show the old ones.

I then created a new video source and assigned that to my ivtv card, ran
mythfilldatabase, and all is well... Well, except that nuisance of an
old video source lying around.

One wonders how one is supposed to delete the old one... Anyone know?

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