[mythtv-users] Re: Transcoded file not playing back on PVR-350 out

DCL dcl63 at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 8 00:17:33 EDT 2004

Jarod Wilson wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2004, at 19:24, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 07:03:06PM -0700, DCL wrote:
>>> Once I transcode a .nuv file it will not play back through my PVR-350.
>> What format did you transcode to?  AFAIK, the PVR-350 only
>> plays MPEG2 streams.
> The 350 can only provide hardware assistance on mpeg2 streams, but 
> with the right codec or enough cpu power, you can play whatever the 
> hell you want out the 350. It just isn't optimized for anything but 
> mpeg2.

What do you mean by "provide hardware assisttance"?  Will this require 
a  sizeable portion of the CPU?

>> Only if they're MPEG2.  [Though I'd be pleased as punch to find
>> out I'm wrong and the '350 can play MPEG4 streams...]
> My M10000 w/350 couldn't play back Myth recordings transcoded to mpeg4 
> worth beans, but using -vo x11 in mplayer, I could play xvid and 
> ffmpeg mpeg4 rips just fine.
>>> If so, what settings should I set up for transcoding and/or
>>> playback?
> I just don't bother transcoding anything. Hard drive space is cheap, 
> and there isn't much on TV I'd ever want to keep around for very long 
> after watching it once (but ymmv there).

My wife and I record alot of shows during the fall and spring and watch 
most recorded in the winter and summer and eventhough disk space  is 
cheep I can only install 2 harddrives for recording storage.  I would 
really like to compresss the files in a format that we can watch through 
the tv out on the pvr-350.  Will transcoding to mpeg2 save a sizeable 
amount of space?

Jarod, thanks for the MythTV-FC2 installation  procedures.

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