[mythtv-users] Re: Transcoded file not playing back on PVR-350 out

John Andersen jsa at video.homelinux.org
Fri Oct 8 01:11:45 EDT 2004

On Thursday 07 October 2004 20:17, DCL wrote:
> My wife and I record alot of shows during the fall and spring and watch
> most recorded in the winter and summer and eventhough disk space  is
> cheep I can only install 2 harddrives for recording storage.  I would
> really like to compresss the files in a format that we can watch through
> the tv out on the pvr-350.  Will transcoding to mpeg2 save a sizeable
> amount of space?

Yes, at some loss of quality.
The built in transcode in mythtv takes a 2.2gig 1 hour show down
to about 650-750 meg, and as far as I am concerned its practically
indistinguishable from the original.  Ok, I can tell the difference
but don't care - its just TV for god sakes! ;-)

Does it play thru the pvr-350's svideo or composite? Beats me I
have not got that wired up, but it plays well on the screen.

With nuxexport you can batch process full length movies to
about 650-1200meg at an additional loss in quality and park
them in your mythvideo directory and play them with mythvideo.
Probably good enough for old westerns and game shows, but I 
wouldn't treat LOTR that way.

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