[mythtv-users] Yoohooo!!! MythTV working on FC2

VJ vj at vijaygill.homelinux.net
Sun Oct 3 11:00:53 EDT 2004

I got MythTV working on my FC2 server which was also shared by KnoppMyth. I use FC2 for my daily use like mail server, ftp server(transferring files from/to office), web server(sharing my pics with my family+friends), s/w development and lastly samba server for playing music, videos etc on another machine.

KnoppMyth was working fine, but I had problem with it's kernel giving DMA errors at random with my hard disk, thus causing crashes. Also I had to switch between FC2 and KnoppMyth for recording etc.

Today I bit the bullet and started the task of installing under FC2. Now I have running system which has following problems:

1)    MythTV live player / Video Player does not run. It complains about no usable video output method. I can live with that as I do not have speaker on my FC2 machine, and always watch my videos from another machine running Windows XP.
2)    The ivtv driver causes crash if mythtv user tries to use /dev/video0 before the user root has done it once. So i have put a dd command in /etc/rc.local to create a small mpeg file in /tmp folder. Then everything proceeds fine.

Other than the above two, I love my setup. I installed and compiled ivtv (ck114b) and mythTV 0.16 myself.

Any tips for enhancements are welcome.

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