[mythtv-users] ouple of question relating to setting up a MythTV box

David myth at dgreaves.com
Sun May 30 16:45:18 EDT 2004

>>However you don't need an hauppage pvr350. The 350 is a 250 + tv out.
>>You don't need tv out, so might as well get the cheaper pvr250.
>>Otherwise the machine seems to be good enough, I also run an XP2000+
>>with 512mb with an hauppage pvr350, and so far everything is going ok.
>Sorry to interject, but I was wondering about this... If you lose the tv out 
>with the 250 do you still lose hardware decoding?  Just wondering...
The PVR350 has hardware encoding via tuner,svideo +composite inputs and 
hardware decoding via the TVout

The PVR250 has hardware encoding via tuner,svideo +composite inputs and 
no hardware decoding ('cos there's no TVout)

Hardware decoding happens in the graphics card and depends on the card 
too. eg some Nvidias have it but need the proprietary driver to use it.


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