[mythtv-users] ouple of question relating to setting up a MythTV box

Kevin Barsby Kevin.Barsby at Sun.COM
Sun May 30 19:21:21 EDT 2004

> 1).  Whats the best distrbution to use with MythTV.

Always a good one... :-)

The best advice I saw was, "one you're familiar with" as you'll
invariably need to do a fair bit of tweaking and configuring.

That said, I can recommend Gentoo, it's (or can be) source based, so you
can optimise the system to your hardware, and portage handles
dependencies for you.

> 2).  Are theer any other "pitfalls" which I am likely to come across?

The only hardware I have in common is the PVR-350 which I've been
pleased with. Once I had TV-out working the picture was good and the
system stable, the was an annoying crackle occasionally on the audio,
but a look at the IVTV FAQ fixed this. (FYI I changed to the TV-OUT on
my EPIA as I wanted accelerated graphics (Mythmusic visualisations etc,
I may consider going back though as the picture on the EPIA, isn't as
good (I get discolouration problems on the TV))


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