[mythtv-users] nuvexport on frontend box

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sun May 16 03:51:52 EDT 2004

> This host not configured for myth.

The following query:

SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value='RecordFilePrefix' AND hostname='your_frontend_machine'

where the hostname is the ip or name of your frontend machine...  Each
machine is somehow configured with a video directory.  Chances are that
the ip/name mythbackend sees is different than the machine thinks it is
(maybe one is an IP and the other is a name).  Anyway, if nuvexport
can't get this piece of data, it dies with the error you gave.

first, run `hostname` on your box and see what it returns (this is where
nuvexport gets its info.  Next, query mysql:

SELECT hostname, data FROM settings WHERE value='RecordFilePrefix';

That will list the hostnames that myth understands.  From there, it's
either a matter of manually entering a database field with the directory
name, or modifying nuvexport to hard-code in the $video_dir variable
instead of grabbing it from the database.


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