[mythtv-users] nuvexport on frontend box

Adam Haeder adamh at omaha.org
Sat May 15 23:42:55 EDT 2004

I've seen people reference doing this, but for some reason I can't get it
to work.

I'm running 0.14 with 2 frontend systems. All boxes are 0.14 on Fedora
Core 1. I have the latest nuvexport on the backend, and I can encode shows
all day with no problems. However, I'd like to run nuvexport from a
frontend system, but everytime I try I get this output:

[root at loonix nuvexport]# /usr/local/bin/nuvexport
This host not configured for myth.

I've looked at the perl script that is nuvexport to try and figure out
what it's looking for, but I'm at a loss. I've mounted my recordings
directory over nfs from each frontend box, but I still get the error. What
am I missing? TIA

adamh at omaha.org

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