[mythtv-users] native lirc support & lirc modes

fago nuppla at gmx.at
Tue Mar 30 17:35:13 EST 2004

I'm starting mythfrontend from my normal .lircrc file, which works well.
Then i can control mythtv with the keys defined in the mythtv lircrc
file - also works well.

But i've got to less buttons on my remote, so i tried to add a (lirc)
mode, which should change the function of some buttons. 
I'm using the modes in the global lircrc file, which works well, but in
the mythtv i can't get it working.

I tried this way:

   prog = mythtv
   button = A/V
   mode = mythedit

begin mythedit
   prog = mythtv
   button = A/V
   flags = mode
end mythedit

And some other variants.. But all i do - nothing changes when i'm
pressing the button...

I've to confess that i'm not really understanding how this works with
two lircrc files - so perhaps there is the problem somewhere.

When i'm starting mythtv from the global file, it enters a mode mythtv,
which contains nothing except a exit button. But i never needed it, it
seems like mythtv is taking the whole lircd for itself.

I hope someone can help me here,
thanks, fago

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