[mythtv-users] resolution confusion

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sun Mar 28 22:08:33 EST 2004

Vince LaMonica wrote:

>On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
>} No, increasing the capture size doesn't increase the disk space that's
>} used your bit rate does that.  If you increase your capture size without
>} increasing your bitrate you'll end up with a file the same size (but
>} with potentially more compression artifacts).  You might want to try
>} 704x480, which is more than big enough for NTSC TV and is one of the
>} official DVD resolutions.
>Is there a chart or FAQ somewhere which covers bitrates to use [esp. with
>your recommended, 704x480 resolution]? Also, given that I have a PVR-350,
>which appears to output 640x480 [at least on my TV], should I switch my X
>session to use 640x480 resolution instead of the 720x480 that Jarod's
>HOWTO shows?
Only by combing through the mailing list archives..  There's been a few 
threads on resolutions and bit rates.  If I remember right my default is 
704x480 3500 min 6000 max or something close to that.

I can't offer any advice on the 350 since I don't use one

>One more resolution question - in the recording profiles, all the profiles
>list 480x480 [eg: live tv, default, high quality and low quality]. But the
>mpeg2 files that my 350 produces are all 640x480. If I change the default
>recording profile to 704x480, will this change the mpeg2 output?
If you change the default to 704x480 then any recordings made with the 
default profile should be 704x480...

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