[mythtv-users] PVR-350 resolution [was: Re: resolution confusion]

Vince LaMonica vjl at vjl.org
Mon Mar 29 20:23:56 EST 2004

On Sun, 28 Mar 2004, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

} Vince LaMonica wrote:
} >One more resolution question - in the recording profiles, all the profiles
} >list 480x480 [eg: live tv, default, high quality and low quality]. But the
} >mpeg2 files that my 350 produces are all 640x480. If I change the default
} >recording profile to 704x480, will this change the mpeg2 output?
} >
} >
} If you change the default to 704x480 then any recordings made with the
} default profile should be 704x480...

This question only applies to people with a PVR-350, apparently:

When the "default" recording profile was set at 480x480 [which is the
default for the mandrake 9.2 RPM], I got an MPEG 2 muxed file that had a
resolution of: 480x360.

So I followed your advice, and changed the 'default' recording profile to
704x480 and now the resulting MPEG2 muxed file has a resolution of

I am very confused as to how/why this is happening. I would like MythTV to
produce 704x480 MPEG2 files so I can easily burn them onto DVD on my OS X
Mac. I'm not able to make many changes in MythTV's settings, as I can't
see them on screen [X and the mythfrontend program both display at
720x480, while my receiver/TV/PVR-350 seem to only display 640x480]. I'd
like to fix the X issue first, so I can use the MythTV GUI to change
settings, but I haven't found any post in the archive stating that one's
XF86Config-4 should be 640x480 for the PVR-350 [so far, everyone's posts
i've found all state 720x480, which is clearly too big for my TV].

Do the recording profiles only affect MythTV's software encoding? I'm only
using the 350 to encode the TV signal. Is there any way for a PVR-350 to
generate 704x480 sized video without transcoding?


/vjl/ [who's going to work on the X issue now, hoping not to hurt the TV!]

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