[mythtv-users] Possible Crashing Solution

Adam Biskobing tv at badmoon.com
Thu Mar 25 15:23:40 EST 2004

You may want to recompile your kernel.  There's an option in there (not
sure what it was called, but it's pretty self explanitory) that will
cause the kernel to "intelligently" pick a process to kill instead of
killing the one that is asking for more memory.  Also, you may want to
increase your swap.

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> I recently upgraded to Fedora 1, which is great by the way.  
> Anyways, once 
> I had upgraded I started running into a problem with my 
> system crashing 
> every night.  I finally narrowed it down to mythfilldatabase. 
>  After some 
> further testing, and even when not testing, mythfrontend 
> would crash on me 
> when doing things in the background.
> The problem was that I didn't have enough ram.  I was using 
> 256 with my 
> RedHat 9 system without any problems, but apparently Fedora 
> needs a bit 
> more, and without it just shuts down programs that are demanding too 
> much?  something like that..
> I popped in another 128 and things seemed to work better, but 
> it still 
> occasionally crashed.  Finally, after adding another 128 for 
> a total of 
> 512, I find that things run nicely.  Display from my pvr250s 
> even seems a 
> bit smoother, not much though.
> If you are seeing any problems, this might be the problem.
> -Shay

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