[mythtv-users] Assorted questions from a new user

wwexell at heidewexell.net wwexell at heidewexell.net
Mon Mar 22 13:29:26 EST 2004

> I'm a ReplayTV 4000 series user, so I come to the table with that
> paradigm.  I am a bit confused by the purpose of the seperable frontend
> and backend.

Easy example might clear a lot up for you.  One TV/PVR in the bedroom, one
in the living room.  The one in the living room is Master Backend, both
act as frontends.  This will allow the following options.

1.  Record 2 shows at once.
2.  Record a show with either frontend and watch it in either location.
3.  Manage all your files, drives, etc, from one location.  Also, only
need to upgrade drives in one machine when it starts getting full.
4.  Removes the management of multiple recording scheduling. Eg, with 2
ReplayTVs, if you want to record 4 shows that sometimes conflict, you have
to specify which shows to record on which ReplayTV and keep track of it. 
Now what happens if Show A was recorded in the bedroom and you want to
watch in the living room?  With a front-back system, the single backend
manages it all for you.

If I'm not mistaken, even having 2 ReplayTV systems will not allow you to
do options 2,3,4.

> MPlayer won't play DVDs or videos from within MythTV.  I can play them
> from the console (xterm) but only after "sudo."
> 8. What to do?
> 8.b. Do I need to set privledges for the default user?
> 8.c. or run MythTV as root?

This is most likely a permissions issue on your devices.
cd /dev
ls -la

Take a look at your permissions.  Its probably the permissions on your dvd

chmod 666 /dev/cdrom
chmod 666 /dev/<yourdevices>

You could get more elaborate and change the ownership of the devices to a
new group, and then add your user to that group:

groupadd video
chown root:video /dev/cdrom
chmod 660 /dev/cdrom
usermod mythtvuser -G video

> 9. Where do all of MythTV's configuration files/scripts live?

Most of the configuration is stored in the MySQL database.

> 10. How do I view the 'console output' while in Myth?  I mean, when I
> try to play a DVD and nothing happens... I assume there's an unseen
> xterm that would show any errors.

> 10.b. If so, how do I get to it?  I think I did it once... but haven't
> been able to reproduce what I'd done.

Do you actually want to be able to view the output while mythfrontend is
still running?  If so, I would recommend using SSH from another machine
and viewing the log file.


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