[mythtv-users] Assorted questions from a new user

Matt R. mattr at erols.com
Mon Mar 22 12:52:37 EST 2004

Dear everyone,

Thanks in advance for any replies.  I've struggled with trying to answer 
these questions for quite some time now.  I'm sorry if they're all 
rather dumb questions.  My only defense is that I _HAVE_ been reading 
through the documentation and the mailing list archives for over a week 
now, but these questions remain unanswered.

Fundamental Questions:

I'm a ReplayTV 4000 series user, so I come to the table with that 
paradigm.  I am a bit confused by the purpose of the seperable frontend 
and backend.
1. Is this supposed to allow the set-top boxes to be tiny, 
nearly-diskless terminals?
1.b. Do the frontend boxes merely stream content from the backend?
2. Is it customary for each set-top box to be both a frontend and a 
backend? (i.e., the ReplayTV 4000 approach)
2.b. Is it wise... ?
3. If video content streams from the backend box to the set-top 
frontends (live), what sort of LAN speeds are required?
4. Where does the other content (games, videos, mp3s) live?
4.b. Which cpu actually runs a game process?  Does the game executable 
copy to the frontend box before executing locally?

Hardware Questions:

I understand that the EPIA mini-ITX V10000 (?) has a hardware MPEG-2 
decoder that MythTV can utilize. 
5. Is this combination of hardware really adequite for playback of DVDs?
5.b. What about MPEG-4?
6. Are those of the PVR-350 and the V10000 really and truely the only 
supported hardware MPEG-2 decoders?
6.b. Are there any GeForce MX 440 boards that have (supported) hardware DVD?
6.c. If not, will either the Dxr3 or the HollyWood+ work?
6.d. If so, does anyone know where to get one these days?  I've found a 
card with the same chipset (EM8300) made by Jaton for about $20, but 
nothing that says it's supported under linux.

Software Questions:

I've been experimenting with KnoppMyth and have some questions that I 
believe are MythTV related as opposed to KnoppMyth specific.

7. Is there a screensaver? or one in the works?

MPlayer won't play DVDs or videos from within MythTV.  I can play them 
from the console (xterm) but only after "sudo."
8. What to do?
8.b. Do I need to set privledges for the default user?
8.c. or run MythTV as root?

9. Where do all of MythTV's configuration files/scripts live?

10. How do I view the 'console output' while in Myth?  I mean, when I 
try to play a DVD and nothing happens... I assume there's an unseen 
xterm that would show any errors. 
10.b. If so, how do I get to it?  I think I did it once... but haven't 
been able to reproduce what I'd done.


- Matt

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