[mythtv-users] Couldn't read data from capture card.....

Poobah poobah at techsquadron.com
Wed Mar 10 00:29:01 EST 2004

            I had a similar problem, and my kernel log had an entry of
"ivtv giving up pending DMA clear."  It usually locked up within 5-10
seconds for me.  Using lspci -v I found that my PVR-250 had the same IRQ
as one of the two Ethernet adapters in my machine (I'm booting and
streaming a diskless frontend off that card).  I swapped the alias eth0
and alias eth1 in my /etc/modules.conf and the problem went away.
Hope that helps!
Mark Hanson
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I'm trying to install MythTV on a Client/Server environment.
Client: EPIA-M1000 with RedHat 9.0 running the frontend
Server: an old board with AMD K-6 450MHz (CobaltQube) and WinTV PVR 250
for the backend
Installation went well and everything seems to be ok, Processor seems to
be fast 
enough, because I only have 10% CPU with LiveTV.
The problem I have is that after a while I get the following exception
on my backend:
Couldn't read data from the capture card in 15 seconds. Game over, man.
Does anybody know this problem? Is this a hardware issue? Maybe an
interrupt problem?
Would really appreciate your help....
thanks in advance,
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