[mythtv-users] tv wonder not changing audio on tv source change?

Dave and Lisa Hofstra lisadaveh at comcast.net
Wed Mar 10 01:15:37 EST 2004

  *tv wonder not changing audio on tv source change?*

I have my mythbox completed, and just finished a serial transmitter to 
change the channels on my satellite box. Although I have everything 
setup and working with bttv and btaudio, the s-video picture is there, 
but the audio is still coming from the tv tuner portion. I am at my wits 
end trying to fix this

Anyone know how I can get the composite or S-video inputs to switch the 
audio source as well as the video source?

Using Myth0.14 suite
mandrake 9.2 with 2.4.21multimedia kernel

I kinda think that the mandrake bttv might need to be updated or 

ANY input is greatly appreciated

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