[mythtv-users] Z key (commercial skip) behavior changed in current CVS when commercial skip set to notify only?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 9 15:16:16 EST 2004

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 14:34, Alan J. Snyder wrote:
> I'm seeing the following behavior of the Z key
> on a system with commercial skip set to notify only.
> Old behavior:
> - Z brings up the marked timeline and allows cut
>   points to be edited as if in edit mode (as if M)
>   had been pressed).
> - Z again resumes after the next cutpoint, while
>   Esc resumes before the initial cutpoint (actually,
>   over the last month or so, sometimes it's been
>   the other way around).
> New behavior:
> - Z brings up the "Edit program" OSD message and
>   a pair of up/down arrows.
> - No other keys seem to be active other than Esc.
>   Esc resumes where playback left off.
> On a system with commercial skip set to on, Z
> skips past the next cut point as it always has.
> Am I missing something?  (Most likely the answer
> is yes :)

Hmmm... sounds like you've changed your keybindings so that 'Z' is bound 
to TOGGLEEDIT instead of SKIPCOMMERCIAL.  You can check this with 
MythWeb if you're not sure.

The new behavior was part of Isaac's recent 'OSD Menu' commit.  I think 
the idea is now that most functions in LiveTV or WatchingRecording mode 
should be accessible with just 5 keys:  Menu, Enter/Select, Up, Down, 
Left, Right.  Still a work in progress, I think, but you can already 
see that the PIP functions are accessible via the OSD menu in LiveTV.


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