[mythtv-users] MythMusic "scan for new music" Locks system

Cam Vertesi cvertesi at indiana.edu
Mon Mar 8 20:35:35 EST 2004

This could very well be an NFS problem.  For scanning such a large
amount of information, you'll want to fix up your NFS settings.  First
of all, turn ON asynchronous writes.  There are all sorts of performance
optimizations that you should look at, just google for them.  

I suggest this because this sounds like a typical NFS lockup.  One side
is waiting for the other to complete a request.   It will wait forever,
and depending on your mounts, will freeze the entire system.  You might
want to try just waiting for a couple of hours...

good luck!

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 20:08, stan wrote:
> I've got a fairly large colection of MP3's ( ~19G). I NFS mounted them to
> my new MythTV machine, and I'm trying to import them into the database
> using the "Scan for New Music" memu pick.
> So far, it's locked the machine up 3 times. We are talking hard lockup
> here, can't ssh to it or anythign ;-( I notice netwrk traffic is very high
> while this is running.
> Any sugestiosn as to a genteler way to do this?
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