[mythtv-users] Chaintech 7nif2 and sound

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Fri Mar 5 12:57:06 EST 2004

Boyd II, Willy (wboyd at fulbright.com) wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the info!  I looked into these boards.  Only problem is
> that none of them have the s-video connector onboard...  therefore taking up
> a valuable slot on a microatx case like the ATC-620.  At least if I had my
> hands on an old 7nif2, I'd have s-video and s/pdif and wasting only one
> slot.  And if I'm going to use a slot anyway, it won't kill me to use the SB
> Live that I already have if I really decide to go the s/pdif route.

I've decided not to care much about the SPDIF. When time comes for me to
actually hook myth up for full surround output, I'll get one of those USB
sound modules that have Alsa support, such as the Creative Extigy.

I'm in your same situation, which is that putting an SVID port in a slot
isn't helpful, since my Antec Minuet case only has low profile slots. So
I'd have to figure out how to cut and shape the full height bracket into
the low height space. No thanks.

Chris Thompson

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