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>I'm one of those guys who wrote the reviews at Newegg
>on the 7NIF2... the deal is the old version of the
>board (back when it had the 8738 4-channel sound DID
>have the pinout, but no bracket. (Build your own I
>guess). Now that they are shipping with the 9739a
>(which is an AC3 decoder, like the MCP-T!), they
>stopped populating the pins on the board. Don't ask me
>why, I've asked chaintech twice and never got an

This is what I suspected.  Newegg was out of these boards for a while, and
now that they're back in stock peopled complained about the pinouts missing.
Has to be the new boards...

>As for an earlier comment that it's the only Microatx
>with sound/SPDIF/tv, that's not true at all. There are
>at least four other boards (not counting the Aopen
>MK79G-1394, which never made it to the US) that are
>out there:
>Asus A7N8X-VM: Need special card/cable for TV/out (on
>Newegg), Realtek ALC650 6-channel sound. ($95 + $15
>for DVI, worst reviews out of the 4)
>Biostar M7NCG 400: Needs spdif and TV cables. Realtek
>ALC650 6-channel sound. ($68, have the 3x1 SPDIF at
>Newegg, need 2x2 TV which I JUST learned you can buy
>from Biostar directly. )
>Albatron KM18G: AC'97 sound, has TV connector, but not
>Spdif, that's sold seperately for around $8. ($80,
>need 5x1 SPDIF)
>MSI K7N2GM-L: Realteck AC'97, comes with TV-out
>bracket, SPDIF bracket sold seperately God-knows where
>($85, uses a 3x1 SPDIF, I'm going to use Newegg's
>Biostar 3x1 SPDIF cable)

Thanks a lot for the info!  I looked into these boards.  Only problem is
that none of them have the s-video connector onboard...  therefore taking up
a valuable slot on a microatx case like the ATC-620.  At least if I had my
hands on an old 7nif2, I'd have s-video and s/pdif and wasting only one
slot.  And if I'm going to use a slot anyway, it won't kill me to use the SB
Live that I already have if I really decide to go the s/pdif route.

>I shipped back the Chaintech board (I'm using two
>slots for tuners, and want the other for my 802.11g
>card) and bought the MSI K7N2GM-L 'cause I didn't know
>where to get the Biostar TV cable. Now that I know you
>could buy it directly from them, I'd highly recommend
>taking that route. (The MSI is more expensive,
>although they do have a great reputation too). 
>- Jason Syversen

Thank you MUCH
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