[mythtv-users] Where does mythtv get the frequencies from?

Claus M. Christiansen a at skjern-net.dk
Thu Mar 4 14:52:27 EST 2004

>I'm using another aproach with my PVR 250:
>- get the list of frequencies from your cable provider (from teletext or
>their website, etc.)
>- enter the frequency * 16 in the FreqId field (using any way you want, e.g.
>mythweb, phpmyadmin, the setup tool)
>- use the following script set as 'use external script' to tune channels
>test_ioctl -r tuner=0,freq=$1
WEHEW.... That worked. I now have all the channels that I have on my 
normal TV. Thanks a lot Paul :-)

Who would have guessed that you have to mulitply the frequencies by 16. 
Weird, but it is working :-)
I'm so happy...


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