[mythtv-users] Switching input cards (rather than just inputs

mythtv at partyinthecity.com mythtv at partyinthecity.com
Mon Mar 1 17:55:29 EST 2004

>> This is a complete shot in the dark as I've never tried it, but in
>> theory once you set up both cards in the setup program and assigned
>> them different video sources and such, it would work fine. BUT theres
>> a catch, the channels on each card have to be different. This
>> wouldn't be so bad for a few channels, but if you're dealing with
>> something like digital cable and satellite for example, it would just
>> plain suck. If the two cards have unique channels, then whenever you
>> tune to a specific channel it should use that card anyway.
>> Any particular setup in mind? I'd be interested in seeing how its
>> implemented once all the quirks are worked out.
>> Josh
> I don't think this will work.  When you watch LiveTV, Myth selects a
> particular card (currently 1st available, IIRC).  The only way to get
> LiveTV on a different card would be to mark all the cards before the
> desired card as busy.
> The current workaround is to watch an in-progress recording rather than
>  LiveTV, but this won't help if you want to channel-surf.
> -JAC

Hey.. I looked at the CVS version's source to find switch cards capability;
the button is 'Y'.  Thanks to whoever developed this!


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