[mythtv-users] RF interf. gen. computer -- offtopic

john lawler maillist at tgice.com
Mon Mar 1 11:38:24 EST 2004

Hi guys,

Sorry to bring this to the list as it's a bit offtopic, but I do bring 
it b/c I imagine that my computer hardware is pretty similar to some of 

I've noticed quite a bit of RF interference on radios in the house and 
on some electrical ground-based intercoms whenever I switch on the new 
myth box that I've put together.  Here are the basic specs:

Chaintech 7NIF2 mobo (onboard sound/video+svideo out/lan)
Athlon XP 2400+ w/ retail box heatsink + fan
WD 60GB 7200rpm HD
Hauppauge PVR-250
Crucial 512MB PC 2700 RAM

and my first guess at the problem, this case and power supply package:


It's a Powmax brand case (and I assume power supply, though I've not 
scrutinized it yet).  This is a Korean manufacturer, I think, but I 
purchased it from a US retailer.  I think the power supply is FCC 
approved (it's got a FC symbol w/ another C inside the first C).

And the interference seems to be about the same whether the case cover 
is on or not.

Sorry for the somewhat sketchy details, but any leads on what I could 
look at for RF sources here?  I've sent the retailer an email query, but 
I'm sure they'll deny responsibility.  Also, I should mention that I've 
not built my own machine since the Pentium 3 days, so I'm aware there 
could be some new RF issues with which I'm not familiar.



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