[mythtv-users] Re: mythtv-users Digest, Vol 17, Issue 79

John W. Ross programming at johnwross.com
Tue Jun 22 11:02:29 EDT 2004

>Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:11:39 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Andrew Hogue <hogue at cs.yorku.ca>
>Subject: [mythtv-users] Torrentocracy
>To: mythtv-users at mythtv.org
>Message-ID: ><Pine.LNX.4.58.0406210910450.5014 at wormwood.cs.yorku.ca>
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<theft tool link removed>

I think that until we can get a plugin that somehow destroys the computer
used for theft, or better yet maims the theif,  this kind of trash will pop

I personally hope that the developers will do whatever they can to sabotage
this and any method of using myth for theft.

Already there are requests on the dev list for names to be removed from the
credits.  Maybe what we need is a fund to pay for lawyer time to write a
revised GPL regarding what can and cannot be built as a plugin or how the
code can be used.  I'll donate.


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