[mythtv-users] thing won't record.. *more info*

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Sat Jul 31 08:14:25 EDT 2004

Craig Tinson wrote:

> ok guys.. am pulling out my hair now..
> have done whats been suggested.. double, triple and quadruple checked 
> the settings in mythtvsetup.. and it's all correct.. general/capture 
> card/video sources/inputs etc etc.. all fine..
> am confused as to why things would appear in the "recording schedules" 
> table but not then actually get recorded.. and why once they are in 
> recording schedules why they don't get to "scheduled recordings"..
> anyone any more ideas?
> Thanks for any suggestions.. wife is getting just as frustrated as I 
> am.. we had it all nice and working and her new "toy" has been taken 
> away again.. lol
> Cheers
> Craig

ok.. bit of an update.. I'm *completely* uninstalled Myth.. rpm -e'd 
everything.. then removed everything from mysql..  then started again 
from scratch.. *exactly* the same problem!

in case this makes sense.. when I run "mythbackend -v all" and then try 
to schedule a program recording.. I get this...

2004-07-31 13:01:18 Found changes in the todo list.
2004-07-31 13:01:18 PruneOldRecords...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 AddNewRecords...
2004-07-31 13:01:18  |-- Start DB Query...
2004-07-31 13:01:18  |-- Processing 0 results...
2004-07-31 13:01:18  +-- Cleanup...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 Sort by priority...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 BuildListMaps...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 SchedNewRecords...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 Scheduling:
2004-07-31 13:01:18 ClearListMaps...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 Sort by time...
2004-07-31 13:01:18 PruneRedundants...
--- print list start ---
Title - Subtitle                    Chan ChID Day Start  End   S C I  T 
N Pri
---  print list end  ---
2004-07-31 13:01:18 Scheduled 0 items in 0.00425 seconds.

I *have* set everything up in mythtvsetup correctly.. (this must be 
about then 20th time I've installed myth.. I know the steps.. lol)

am I *really* going to have to flatten the whole box and re-install 
linux too to get this working? I can't believe it should come to that....



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