[mythtv-users] nuvexport to mono

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Jul 1 12:48:33 EDT 2004

> On reflection, I guess you're right. My initial swing to mencoder was 
> merely due to familiarity. And if nuvexport is indeed just a wrapper 
> (didn't know that; thought it was a standalone in it's own right) then I 
> guess it'd be much easier, esp since the incessantly odd filenames 
> wouldn't be so much of an issue.

Yup, just a wrapper written in perl.  mencoder was too cryptic for what 
I wanted, and didn't work with nuv files, so I wrote my own (with some 
help),  It interfaces directly with the mythtv database, and autodetects 
things like frame size, framerate, etc, to save users the trouble of 

> Well, I imagine it'd involve delving deep into Qt/CPP, which I know 
> nothing about at all (other than the fact that KDE takes longer to 
> compile than GNOME ;^)

Actually, no.  It's just a matter of one of the mythbackend devs telling 
  me if the myth protocol supports requesting a specific size thumbnail, 
or if all I get is the default.

> I realise this too, and indeed all I've done so far are a few very basic 
> PHP scripts which (essentially) fire off a command line. If 
> nuvexport/mythtranscode had progress functionality inbuilt I imagine 
> it'd make things much easier.

Yes.  Unfortunately nuvexport doesn't, since all it does is fork off 
some threads to the various programs needed.  Currently doesn't even 
trap the input, just spits it back to stdout.

> Mythtranscode's major failing IMO is the fact the container format 
> doesn't work anywhere outside of Myth (unless I'm missing something).

imho, this is one of mythtv's biggest shortcomings (no offense, Isaac, 
you chose the right tool for the job you wanted it to do).  But since 
there is now a windows codec available, this is really just a matter of 
getting the linux player projects to incorporate Isaac's enhancements to 
the nuv format.


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