[mythtv-users] nuvexport to mono

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Thu Jul 1 12:32:00 EDT 2004

At 08:23 01/07/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>>As another aside, I'm busy learning PHP at the moment (two days into it 
>>and it's wicked fun) and am considering writing an add-on for MythWeb 
>>that'll allow you to call and configure mencoder to do transcodes once 
>>I'm good enough; the companies workflow management system has gotta come 
>>first though.
>I'd personally rather that you look at a way to improve nuvexport 
>(mencoder is just a wrapper like nuvexport -- if you want more options, 
>then add more options to nuvexport).  mencoder doesn't work for those of 
>us using software encode methods (and nuvexport has auto-detection 
>routines for nuv vs mpeg files), so I'd be very unlikely to add something 
>to mythweb that only a fraction of mythtv users can use, when there is 
>another tool in wider use that works for everyone.

On reflection, I guess you're right. My initial swing to mencoder was 
merely due to familiarity. And if nuvexport is indeed just a wrapper 
(didn't know that; thought it was a standalone in it's own right) then I 
guess it'd be much easier, esp since the incessantly odd filenames wouldn't 
be so much of an issue.

>On that note, I've discussed this before.   I'd *LOVE* to add nuvexport 
>support to mythweb.  There are several things that are preventing me from 
>doing this:
>1. I'd like to be able to get larger thumbnails from mythbackend (no one 
>tells me how, or if this is even possible)

Well, I imagine it'd involve delving deep into Qt/CPP, which I know nothing 
about at all (other than the fact that KDE takes longer to compile than 

>2. I don't want to just "start" a process and then have it go.  To do 
>things right, there would need to be database support, with the ability to 
>track progress and show when an encode is finished (and preferably have a 
>way to show if there was an error, something nuvexport can't do at the 
>moment, either).

I realise this too, and indeed all I've done so far are a few very basic 
PHP scripts which (essentially) fire off a command line. If 
nuvexport/mythtranscode had progress functionality inbuilt I imagine it'd 
make things much easier.

>3. There was talk of making mythtranscode itself capable of saving into a 
>variety of formats.  I keep hoping that this will happen and that 
>nuvexport (which really was just a quick hack so I could save to svcd) can 
>be retired.

Mythtranscode's major failing IMO is the fact the container format doesn't 
work anywhere outside of Myth (unless I'm missing something). Of course, 
it's obvious that a merging of features of the two programs would be 
advantageous, seeing as they both essentially do the same thing. Damnit, 
this whole thing got much more complicated very quickly!

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